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With its Enstratius acquisition, the firm can provide the front-end and management tools required for this to work. Even before it went private, Dell had been on a staff recruitment spree to help reposition itself as a solutions provider, as part of its continuing push to shed the old-style box-shifter mentality of its workforce.


To this end, Dell has invested heavily in bringing in staff from organisations that understand business problems and the approach required to solve them. The Perot Systems team has been bolstered with new staff, giving Dell a reasonably large professional services group, underpinned by people with domain expertise in various areas. It still has a lot of rough edges, and the move to more solutions-led sales has meant a chunk of it is still unable to step up to the mark.

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Whereas a degree of pure hardware sales can still be supported, particularly in the SMB and SoHo markets, this is unlikely to be sustainable in the long term. Dell will have to keep working to ensure its channel can keep up with where the company is going. Dell also has to know what it is aiming to be.

Is it just taking on HP, Fujitsu and others, or does it want to move right into the top echelons of the enterprise with the likes of IBM and its Global Business Services? This will be an unfolding journey. Aim too high, and fall heavily; aim too low and, in a fast-changing technical world, watch as smaller suppliers, such as Nutanix and SimpliVity, take market share away from you.

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Dell needs to position its cloud model well. The lack of a Dell-owned and managed cloud is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, there is less chance of supplier lock-in through proprietary extensions to the underlying platform. It may need to focus less on its consumer offerings and become more IBM-like in its business targeting. It certainly needs to let people know, outside its customer base, that it is not just an equipment maker or PC supplier, but a full-service enterprise solutions provider. So, is the new Dell going to survive?

Is it going to thrive?

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The management team is reinvigorated, and Michael Dell looks younger and fresher than he has for a long time. The secret is in the message — and Dell has to get this right. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Technology change is hard -- and, these days, it's constant. Here's how one CIO learned to become a technology evangelist and got Organizations moving more compute to the edges of their networks must adjust how they protect and govern their data and devices. Virtual networks add a layer of complexity to the real networks below them.

Follow these three virtual network security measures Zendesk disclosed a previously undetected security incident from in which data for 10, customer accounts was accessed, Application delivery controllers play many roles, but the ADC security use case might be most important. Learn about ADC features Firewall migration is a compelling automation use case, as automation scripts can shorten the migration process, eliminate unused A new Software-based infrastructure and services can streamline management and application data.

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Before you add them to your data Security, connectivity and remote management are integral parts of any edge architecture. Here's how to include them in your Information management consultants talk about the importance of aligning business and IT drivers for a holistic architectural Electric cars, autonomous driving and the recent sharing economy require companies to adapt to technological advances.

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These new developments are increasingly relying on digital know-how. Failure to adapt to these new circumstances likely means the failure of the business.

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These are the words of Peter Friedwagner, head of infrastructure and common platforms at Porsche Informatik, a subsidiary of Porsche Holding Salzburg, which is under the Volkswagen Group umbrella. The organization develops the automotive trade software for wholesale, retail and aftersales service , as well as parts of distribution and financial services essential to both Porsche Holding Salzburg and the Volkswagen Group.

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Porsche Informatik prides itself on being a trendsetter and driver of innovation. However, when Friedwagner joined in late , the seismic developments in the automotive industry meant Porsche Informatik needed to apply some technological innovation to its IT Infrastructure. By harnessing the power of digital transformation, they create unlimited possibilities for their businesses. When Porsche Holding Salzburg was founded in , car development was concerned with engine innovation, aerodynamics and not much else. In , electronics costs made up only 1 percent of the total cost of production.

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These sit at close to 35 percent. In fact, 90 percent of car innovations and new features are now driven by electronics — and this is only inside the car. Ridesharing and other mobility services are challenging the automotive market ecosystem.